The rapid pace of the Iris development meant we needed packaging designed quickly.
 Due to the fast pace of the product, example pictures and product shots weren't available so we had limited graphical content to work with. The webstore had more detailed images of the product.
 Darby (our talented graphic designer at Photojojo) nailed the graphics for the packaging and quick start guide. 
 This was the base concept for the packaging. We wanted the packaging to present itself and provide an idea of how the product was used.
 Working with Stephen Gould (a packaging production and assembly specialist), they helped engineer the parts to be manufacturable.
 After the launch of the product, I worked on a revision to the packaging appropriate for retail merchandising. The product would be fully set up when unboxed, giving the user a better understanding of how to use it. It also had a smaller footprint, more apprioate for retail merchandising. Unfortunately, this packaging was never completed since Photojojo went out of business. 
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