This was the final project for a semester-long shoe design class in my 4th year at Carleton University. It involved creating a brand identity for AVIVA, a court-sport footwear company. My project partners (fellow scholars Theo Stoppels and Justin Murray) and I developed a name and logo.
 We created a mood-board to help convey the feel of our brand. We wanted our brand to be visually striking, with pop colours set on a subdued background; expressive and with an edge.
 Our approach for this product line was to divide it into 3 categories of performance: control, stability and lightweight. I designed for the control tier and was inspired by the control we have with our mind.
 And with this, I was inspired by the aesthetics of a Rorschach inkblot and used this as a graphical motif for a shoe. 
 We wanted to find our place in the market so we positioned the brand in a matrix relative to our competitors.
 I experimented with the colour blocking, silhouette and proportions of the minimal court shoe.
 The final design was a hyper minimal court shoe with an exposed toe, ideal for squash where toe traction is important. These were rendered in Photoshop and presented for critique. 
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