While working in San Francisco, I designed the next generation of mobile lenses for Photojojo, an online store for camera phone accessories.
  I worked with Box Clever on the industrial design of the product, and Mind Tribe for their engineering expertise.
 3 different optical designs were customized for superior clarity and to accommodate over phone-case mounting.
Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 2.12.43 PM.png
 This early rendering of our concept was further refined with input from Mindtribe.
 I finalized the optic designs with the optics engineering firm,  Optics for Hire , and tested all the lenses with our lens manufacturer using Air Force test targets.
  Since the product relied on sub-millimeter fits, my team and I had to calibrate the tools precisely in China. If parts were too loose, the lens would fall out, but if they were too tight, the lens would be difficult to remove. I also ensured manufacturing went smoothly and on-time with high quality results
 The final product came together well and was Photojojo's fastest selling product.   Click   HERE   to view the release video and   HERE   to purchase Iris.
 I developed 2 seperate packaging designs for online sale and retail.
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