The Tabletop Screen is a user adjustable privacy screen for a communal work table.
 As we were developing the Long Workshop Table, it became clear that we needed to provide a privacy solution for group and individual work. The idea of Tabletop Screen was born.
 The transparency of the knit offers a balance of privacy without blocking light.
 A range of base materials were considered to complement the knit and stabilize the screen
 We used mockups to test the products proportions and create adequate privacy for a seated user.
 3D knitting offers transparency and a seamless construction, and was an exciting new process for Teknion.
 A palette of 12 colours was developed by blending standard threads to create unique tones that compliment Teknion’s finish palette.
Clarification Gate Rendering.63.png
 The prototype genesis.
 Exploded rendering to show the construction for engineering.
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