This product line challengse the norms of Teknion storage by fusing traditional laminate construction with sheet metal. Complementing the  Zones  collection, this PearsonLloyd collaboration won a Silver award at  Neocon  2017.
 The range included 5 units of varying dimensions to serve difference needs: from a media credenza, to food service, to a light mobile unit.
 A line of accessories were also developed with PearsonLloyd to be used with the storage units. Ranging from a bag organizer, to drawer organizers, to cable management.
 PearsonLloyd explored early concepts with different construction. We balanced feasibility of manufacturing while pushing the boundaries of what Teknion was comfortable manufacturing.
 Once a construction methodology was determined, I developed prototypes to properly access ergonomics and conduct user testing.
 For example, the counter height storage unit was raised slightly for better ergonomics.
 I used light prototyping techniques to quickly iterate mock-ups for testing. Then, I created prototypes out of sheet metal for further testing.
 I worked with our engineering team and scrutinized early prototypes to get all the details right. We had initially included a rubbish receptacle in the product offering, but later removed it for more universal usage.
 This rendering shows the credenza in context with other Zones products. This was used in a gate presentation for Teknion
 What is successful about this product is how simply the details have been resolved as well as the number of colour combinations allow this product to be versatile in many different environments (even outside of Zones) making it quite flexible.
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